Visual Finder Woocommerce Plugin uses the attributes to classify the products in a multidimensional grid. The first thing you should do is configure the attributes of each product.

In the Products menu, select Attributes:


Create the attributes of your site.

In this example the attributes have been created:
• Add-on
• Colour
• Fit
• Impress
• Sleeve
In each attribute, different terms have been created

Once the list of attributes is complete, select All Products in the Products menu

Now you must assign the attributes to each product. To do this, edit each product.

Add the values of each attribute that is applicable to the product you are editing. In this example the Pocket value has been added to the Add-on attribute.

Make sure that all the products that you want to appear in the Visual Finder Plugin have the same product category.

Now you have prepared your catalog to configure visual Finder Plugin.
Access the Visual Finder menu and press Create Product Grid

Write a title for the grid and choose the category of products that will be included in the VFP. In this example we select Shirts:

Then select the attributes that you want to appear on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axis. In our example, Sleeve and Color have been selected for the X axis and Fit, Add-on and Impress for the Y axis.

Note that you can repeat attributes on the X and Y axis. Also, the VFP grid is multidimensional, and the order of the attributes will be the same as that set here. In this example the grid will show a first Slevee / Fit grid. If you select a node it will show you the filtered results, grouped in a second grid Color / Add-on
Once finished, press Save Grid Configuration and you will see the grid created Shirts.

Now you must add a results panel. To do this, access Category Settings

Click Add Result Panel / Product Overlay and select which fields you want to include in the results panel

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